Electrical Technician
Class of 2017
Tim Johnson, "TJ", born December 1996, is studying toward a career in the world of electricity. Aiming towards working the residential world, TJ is attending the second (and last) year of the Electrical Technician program offered at his local community college. With big dreams of working anywhere from basic construction, to renovations, to installation of green energies, TJ aspires to doing quality work within quality time. His goal is to make everything have the proper asthetic atmosphere for the equivalent time and funding a lesser appeal.
Website Development
For nearly 10 years, TJ has been creating websites and web-applications for personal and professional use. Learning the essence of websites from the core up, TJ has built every website himself; no need for an online website generator. TimTJ.ca offers such services for persons or companies, and more information can be found by following this link.
My Difference
I strive to do the best work with the best performance and best quality affordably and quickly. Every detail of any job will be discussed with you, the consumer, and drawn out to your specifications before being constructed and implemented. With choices available, why choose me? Because I will make the job exactly the way you want it with no hidden fees, circumstances, or incentives. Everything is above board from the very start, and honesty is a virtue.